Rogue Runner v0.8 - Room Editor

So, to recap, we've got a moving, attacking player that can move through a series of randomly generated rooms. Enemies that can be killed. Chests that can be opened and looted. An inventory that be improved by equipping those collected items. Various loot (gold, gems) that can be collected to increment a loot value. AND they all fit in with the turn-based system that was created which means all the main systems are in place.

Next I wanted to add some rooms to the pool to be randomly created in-game. First I thought about making an editor extension, just to make my life easier but then I thought - why not create an in-game editor so players could use it to generate their own rooms and adventures? So I am.

The first step with this update was to be able to place a room object that would snap to a grid. And then add a check so you can't keep stamping down multiple tiles in the same location. Oh, and I set up a placeholder menu to the side which I will use to select tiles later.

Note: no change to the build for this one - I want to wait until the editor is a bit more advanced.

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Apr 20, 2022

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