Rogue Runner v0.10.0 - Room Editor Take 2


Struggled with my approach to using prefabs for the room generation so I decided to bite the bullet and learn how to do this properly - with data. As usual, I went the googling route but got a bit frustrated that I couldn't find a simple step-by-step guide that explained it simply. So I decided to ask ChatGPT :D

The first thing was my struggle to understand the saving of objects into json and loading them back up again.
So I asked "How save positions of objects in a Unity project?" and then it explained how that works... despite my broken English there.
Then I asked "In unity I want to save positions of objects in a json file and then load them in and spawn them." and it gave me clear step-by-step instructions on that.
Then I said "Cool. Now how do I implement a UI to save a json file and enter the name of it?" and it showed me how to present UI to do that.
There was a little bit of tweaking to tie it all together obviously, but now I have this...

I spawn some things, save that configuration as a json file, clear the objects then load the configuration from a list of saves.

Next, tying it up to the room editor that already exists.

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