Rogue Runner v0.2.1 - A simple change?

This is a great example of how a seemingly simple thing that you take for granted and not think through assuming it will only take a couple of minutes can actually becomes more complex when you dig into the details.

The last update was simply a matter of adding a distance counter. Moving = adding 1 to the distance counter.
Aha! But it should only increment when moving forward. I spotted that one so no flies on me!

But, while implementing the first enemy, I noticed it would still increment if I travelled back and moved forward again. So you could cheat the furthest distance counter by just moving back and forth. So now I track the furthest distance and only increment if I move past that. Phew, sorted.

Oh, wait, the world moves back to the origin when you open a door... So now I have to affect the furthest distance travelled in the same way.

So NOW it works properly.
Maybe. It seems to work properly anyway. Who truly know?

(No new build to play yet, but I thought this was worth its own update)

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